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Our Feet, Our Foundation

Our feet are an excellent gauge for our overall health. Healthy feet keep us moving and active. They are literally our foundation that we stand on.

For many of us, our feet are the furthest things from our minds, both physically and mentally. We accept them when they are uncomfortable at times and we put up with them when they hurt. But yet healthy feet are essential to the quality of our lives. They are wondrously engineered and often are indicators of our overall health, so we should take better care of them. Our feet work hard for us, supporting us throughout the day.

Women are known to experience foot problems 4 times more than men. When our feet hurt our whole body aches and loses energy. We try to spend as much time as we can off of our feet. We massage our feet to ease the tension and aches. Even a good foot massage is like an oasis and causes us to drift off to sleep.

Something as simple as a shoe insert can ease foot problems like flat feet and foot pain. They give extra support to different parts of our feet, like our heel, arch, or ball of our feet.

For low arches or flat feet, find a shoe insert that offers arch support. For extra cushioning and to keep shoes from rubbing against our heels, our toes, and to prevent our feet from sliding in our shoes, use the QikFix.

Proper footwear is our best defense against foot pain. It is important to wear shoes that fit right and replace them when the heels or soles get too worn.

It’s Pinky Perfect does not offer any medical diagnosis, medical advice, or medical recommendations. The information shared here is for informational purposes only. If you are experiencing any foot conditions or foot pain, please see a podiatrist today to get back to a healthy and mobile state. Consult your podiatrist or physician before using any foot products.

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