• An amazing product to stop your baby toe from hurting or doing its own thing including overhanging and bulging. It's a must have for every woman who deals with shoe discomfort or other issues with their shoes from time to time. – Dr. Nicole S.

  • I am intrigued by the It’s Pinky Perfect products. I've enjoyed my first order and ordered 7 of your products for my bridal party. I am most excited for this gift for my bridesmaids because it's so unique! Thank you so much! – K. Kelly

  • “With all that walking we had to stop by Its Pinky Perfect booth, these foot shields are everything. Slid them in my shoes on the spot no more of my feet sliding in my cute wedges. 💕” – Camilla C

  • It’s Pinky Perfect takes care of problems that a lot of women have. Even when I wear my QikFix with flats, it prevents the shoes from rubbing on the sides of my feet. I don’t have to wear Band-Aids anymore

.       – F. Johnson

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